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Driving Anxiety & Phobias

If you suffer from nervousness and anxiety in relation to driving and it's affecting you personally, or making training/tests more of an obstacle, it may be worth having a look at the Confident Drivers site. I've had a look at the resources available on this site in the past, and they have proven useful on several occasions. The site is predominantly aimed at driving instructors, but it's also possible to get personal subscriptions as a student, and I'd highly recommend doing so - these are available for £18 for 3 months.

Miles Ahead can also help directly with these issues. Over the last 12 years as an ADI I have developed an in depth understanding of driving and driver behaviour, and used a combination of coaching and complementary methods to help drivers overcome phobias, anxiety and stress. Please don't hesitate to call up for a chat if you feel that I could be of assistance here.

Recent Test Passes December 2018

Many conratulations to our wonderful students who have recently aced their driving test with Miles Ahead, pictured below, from left to right: Hollie Madeley (Cathays, Cardiff), Heather Lewis (Cadoxton, Barry), Lyndsay James (Cardiff Bay), Connor Milford (Penarth) and Baicheng Yang (Roath, Cardiff). 

Learning the Manouevres

The reversing manouevres are seen as a major hurdle by many learners. Many schools rely heavily on reference points in their teaching, by which I mean using stickers and lining them up with objects visible through the windows.  Our view is that reference points have their use but that there are other ways to develop skills in this area.

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The Goals for Driver Education (GDE)

driver education goals

The Goals for Driver Education (GDE) are set of research-based goals that help us address our responsibilities as ADIs by giving us a framework through which to structure our coaching. These goals can be set out as a matrix of four levels and three competencies (the GDE matrix):

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How Quickly can I Pass my Driving Test?

How Quickly can I Pass my Driving Test?

This is a question I often get asked. The short answer is as quickly as it takes you to learn to drive safely. If you can demonstrate a “safe drive”, you should pass first time. So, how long does it take to get to that point ? Probably longer than you’d like, but it need not take as long as you’re commonly led to believe. Essentially, it depends who you train with and how you schedule your training.

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How To Choose a Good Driving School and Save Money On Your Driver Training

choosing the right driving school

Struggling to choose a driving school ? Well, I’m not surprised, because they all seem to lay claim to pretty much the same thing with little or nothing to distinguish between them (except perhaps the price). Google certainly seems to struggle to choose between them, with the number 1 spot frequently being given over to the driving school with the worst reputation in the area. Perhaps you’ve already started to learn to drive but don’t seem to be making much progress. You may be beginning to worry that learning to drive may end up costing you more than you first thought, or, worse still, that you may never succeed at all. And you may well be right!

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Congratulations to Gavin Searby who recently passed with Paul in Cardiff


Gavin had some driving experience but had taken quite a long a break from driving and was a bit rusty. We got him up to test standard in 10 hours and secured a pass with only 2 minor faults. We know that this will be a life-changing achievement for Gavin as with his driving licence in the bag he is now in a position to become a full-time carer for his ex-partner which is going to be of huge benefit to the whole family. It’s always nice to be a part of people’s success but all the more so when so much is gained.

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In-Car Technology in Driver Training



We’re often asked about the in-car technology we use as part of our lesson tool-kit. Many people see the tablet, but aren’t sure what we actually do with it. Well, apart from having transferred all our old colourful diagrams onto the I-Pad, there are 3 different tools that we’re now using routinely: Robosoul Driver Training Apps: These are interactive apps which we use to help our students visualise various routines and procedures.

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Congratulations to Stuart Cloete who’s just passed with Paul in Barry

Stuart Cloete

A massive achievement as Stuart had been quite an apprehensive driver having previously lost a close relative in a tragic car accident some years ago. Well done Stuart on overcoming your anxiety and finding a way forward to a lifetime of safe driving.

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Meet Zoe Howerska

Inked Zoe Howerska

Zoe Passed with Paul some time ago now, she wanted to drive because she was working in the TV and film industry as a costume designer and needed the flexibility to get to a range of far-flung locations when working on set. The reliance of public transport seemed to be limiting her opportunities, so I’m delighted to report that since getting her licence she's secured a top job on the set of Dr Who. I was so pleased when I saw her name appear in the closing credits. Many congratulations Zoe, and glad to have done my bit to help.


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